Preceding: ADC' 24 - „1st Austrian Crystallography Days 2024“

Sunday the 25th, 12:00 - Monday  26th, 14:00


12th European NESY Winterschool & Symposium

Conference opening: Monday 26th at 13:00 together with ADC'
Conference closing: Friday, March 1st around 13:30

Program Overview → Suggestions:

  • Keynote lectures: Mon 13:00-14:00, Wed & Thur from 20:00-21:00

  • Thematic Tutorials  from Sources over various NESY techniques to different applications:
    Mon, 14:00 - 17:00, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fr, 9:00-12:00

  • Contributed scientific Talks from all NESY topics: 17:00-19:00, Tue - Thur

  • Posters and Drinks:  Mo 21:00, Tue 20:00 & Thur 21:00


List of Invited & Tutorial Speakers

  • Heinz Ammenitsch (TU Graz @ ELETTRA)

  • Carsten Detlefs  (ESRF Grenoble)

  • Martin Fally ( Univ. Wien)

  • Tim Grüne (Univ. Wien)

  • Thomas C. Hansen (ILL, Grenoble)

  • Vaclav Holy (Charles Univ. Prague)

  • Jozef Keckes (MU Leoben)

  • Stefan Kowarik (KFU Graz)

  • Peter Kregsamer (TU Wien)

  • Helga Lichtenegger (BOKU Wien)

  • Herwig Michor (TU Wien)

  • Tea Pavkov-Keller (KFU Graz)

  • Georg Pabst (KFU Graz)

  • Christian Prehal (PLU Salzburg)

  • Christoph Rameshan (MU Leoben)

  • Stephan Sponar (TU Wien)

  • Hans-Georg Steinrück  (FZ Jülich)

  • Rolf Treusch (DESY/FLASH, Hamburg)

Conference Booklet

Click on the title above to download our conference-booklet, where you can find the whole program and the abstracts.

A printed version of the booklet will be provided for the NESY-participants.

The  -most current- school schedule you can find always online →Program Schedule.

Program Schedule

ACD' 24


Su, Feb 25 


Afternoon Session 



Registration for ACD 24'

 13:45-18:30see ACD 24' webpage  

Dinner Together



Mo, Feb 26 


Morning Session ACD' 24Chair: 

see ACD 24' webpage

 12:00-13:00Individual Lunch Break & NESY Registration  
   Chair: O. ParisMU Leoben
ACD' 24 & NESY13:15-13:30
NESY Opening
R.T. LechnerMU Leoben
ACD & NESY  keynote13:30-14:30Electron crystallography – the future for chemical structure analysisT. GrüneUniv. Wien
NESY &  ACD keynote14:30-15:30Neutron diffraction at ILL: focus on in-situ powder diffractionT.C. HansenILL, Grenoble
 15:30-16:00Coffe & Tea with snacks  
NESY Tutorials16:00-17:00

 Synchrotron Radiation - Instrumentation & Techniques

H. AmenitschTU Graz @ ELETTRA
 17:00-18:00Holography with light & optics with neutronsM. FallyUniv. Wien

Dinner Together

Evening Session 

Keynote Lecture

Chair:  H. AmenitschTU Graz @ ELETTRA
 20:00-21:00X-ray diffraction – from ideal single crystals and powders to real materialsC. DetlefsESRF, Grenoble

Poster Session




Tue, Feb 27 


Morning Session 


Chair: M. FallyUniv. Wien
NESY Tutorials8:40-9:40X-ray and Neutron Diffraction on Polycrystalline MaterialsJ. KeckesESI @ ÖAW & MU Leoben
 9:40-10:40X-ray scattering from epitaxial layers and multilayersV. HolyCharles Univ., Prague

Break: Coffe & Tea


Diffraction on Protein Crystals

T. Pavkov-KellerKFU Graz
 12:00-17:00Lunch Break  
 16:30-17:00Coffe & Tea with snacks  
Afternoon Session  Chair: J. KeckesESI @ ÖAW & MU Leoben
Contributed Talks17:00-17:20

In situ X-ray Nanodiffraction Analysis of Multiaxial Stress-Strain Transfer across an Indenter-Sample Interface during in situ Indentation

M. MeindlhumerMU Leoben

High-Temperature Synchrotron Radiation Characterization of Novel Phases in Bronze: Unraveling Structural Mysteries

L.A.  Lumper MU Leoben
 17:40-18:00High Strain-Rate Thermomechanical fatigue of thin Cu films revealed by synchrotron X-ray diffractionT. ZiegelwangerMU Leoben
 18:10-18:30Microstructure and residual stress gradients in AlCrSiN thin films revealed by X-ray nanodiffraction: Precipitation-induced crack arrest at sublayer interfacesK. KutlešaMU Leoben
 18:30-18:50High-temperature deformation of a multi-phase gamma-TiAl based alloy - Insights from in-situ tensile experiments using synchrotron radiationB. SeligmannMU Leoben

Dinner Together

Evening Session 



Poster Session



Wed, Feb 28 





Chair: K. HradilTU Wien
NESY Tutorials8:40-9:40

Surfaces and Interfaces Unveiled: A Primer on GIXD and GISAXS

S. KowarikKFU Graz
 9:40-10:40Small-Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering (SAXS/SANS): A Primer with Applications in Life Scienes G. PabstKFU Graz

Break: Coffe & Tea

 11:00-12:00Synchrotron based in-situ NAP-XPS C. RameshanMU Leoben
 12:00-17:00Lunch Break  


 16:30-17:00Coffe & Tea with snacks  
Afternoon Session  Chair: G. PabstKFU Graz
Contributed Talks 17:00-17:20

Exploring Spider Silk: X-ray Nanobeam Investigation for Medical Advancements

K. PeterBOKU Wien
 17:20-17:40Monitoring Micelle-assisted Electrosynthesis of Mesoporous PtNi by in operando GISWAXSP.A. WieserTU Graz
 17:50-18:10Crystallographic Properties of MOF Thin Films Investigated by Rotated Grazing Incidence X-Ray DiffractionM. FratschkoTU Graz
 18:10-18:30In-situ SAXS investigation of a supercapacitor using conductive metal-organic framework electrodes with ordered cylindrical microporosity and aqueous electrolytesM. SeyffertitzMU Leoben

Dinner Together

Evening Session 

Keynote Lecture

Chair: C. RameshanMU Leoben

 X-ray Free-Electron Lasers: What it takes for perfect snapshots and movies in the nanocosmos

 R. TreuschFLASH, DESY Hamburg
Thur, Feb 29 


Morning Session 


Chair: R. ReselTU Graz
NESY Tutorials8:40-9:40Neutron and Synchrotron Operando Techniques for Energy Materials and CatalysisC. PrehalPLU Salzburg
Research Infrastructures9:40-10:10Larges Scale Research Activities in Austria?  
 10:10-10:40ESUO & ENSA ... the European User Organisations & their workR.T. Lechner & H. Abele 
 10:40-11:00Break: Coffe & Tea  
 11:00-12:00Meeting of the ÖPG-Division NESY  

Lunch Break

 16:30-17:00Coffe & Tea with snacks  
Afternoon Session  Chair: C. PrehalPLU Salzburg
Contributed Talks 17:00-17:20X-ray Absorption Microscopy to Measure Concentration Profiles in Battery ElectrolytesE. SkrentnyFZ Jülich
 17:20-17:40Exploring Hydrogen Physisorption in Nanopore Confinement: Insights from In-situ Small-Angle Neutron ScatteringS. StockMU Leoben

HE-XRD measurements of H crystal structure interaction in synchrotron

T. PogrielzMU Leoben
 18:10-18:30Perovskite-type Oxides in Methanol Steam Reforming: Overcoming the Challenges of Conventional Catalytic SystemsT. BergerMU Leoben

Dinner Together

Evening Session 

Keynote Lecture

Chair: S. KowarikKFU Graz

Using (coherent) operando X-Ray methods to quantitatively understand electrochemical systems

H-G. SteinrückFZ Jülich

Poster Session

Fr, Mar 1 


Morning Session 


Chair: H-G. SteinrückFZ Jülich
NESY Tutorials8:40-9:40X-ray Fluorescence Analysis (XRF) - a TutorialP. Kregsamer TU Wien
 9:40-10:40Tutorial on inelastic and quasi-elastic neutron scatteringH. MichorTU Wien

Break: Coffe & Tea

 11:00-12:00Foundations of Quantum Mechanics Studied in Neutron InterferometryS. SponarTU Wien
 12:00-12:30Prizes & ClosingR.T. Lechner MU Leoben