DayTimeTitleSpeaker     AffiliationMo, 4th March


MorningCERIC Satellite Event11:00-12:00Introduction to CERIC and the ACCELERATE project: Open acces and proposal writingM. GirodCERIC-ERIC, Trieste (IT)12:00-13:00Lunch Break13:00-14:00Seeing with Electrons: Introduction to Electron MicroscopyC. GhicaNational Institute of Materials Physics, Magurele (RO)14:00-15:00Ion Beam Analysis: From routine techniques to state of the art applicationsM. JaksicRu?er Boškovi? Institute, Zagreb (HR)15:00-16:00NMR Spectroscopy: Research of Materials and Biologically Important MoleculesP. SketSlovenian National Institute of Chemistry, SloNMR* Centre, Ljubljana (SLO)Opening of NESY Winterschool & Symposium
Afternoon Session

 Sources & Instrumentations

R.T. Lechner
16:00-16:30Welcome Coffee & Tea16:30-16:45

Conference opening

R.T. LechnerInstitute of Physics, MU Leoben (AT)Tutorial16:45-17:45Synchrotron Radiation – Instrumentation and Techniques O. ParisInstitute of Physics, MU Leoben (AT)17:45-18:00BreakTutorial18:00-19:00Neutrons - Instrumentation and TechniquesK. Hradil X-Ray Center, TU Wien (AT)

Dinner Break

Evening Session

Keynote Lecture

O. Paris
20:00-21:00The European Spallation Source: New Opportunities for ScienceA. SchreyerESS, Lund (SE)21:00-Posters & Drinks


Tue, 5th March


Morning Tutorials

Diffraction & Scattering

R. Resel

Scanning X-ray and Neutron Diffraction on Polycrystalline Materials

J. KeckesMaterial Physics, ESI & MU Leoben (AT)9:40-9:50



Why Neutrons? A Compilation of Special Occasions

E. JerichaAtominstitut, TU Wien (AT)10:50-11:00



SAXS/WAXD with focus on soft matter and in-situ SAXS

H. PeterlikFaculty of Physics, Univ. Wien (AT)LunchAfternoon Break
Afternoon Session


16:40-17:10Coffee & TeaChair:
J. Keckesinvited talk17:10-17:40Development and Characterisation of Advanced Intermetallic Titanium Aluminide Alloys by means of Diffraction and Scattering TechniquesP. ErdelyDep. of Materials Science, MU Leoben (AT) 17:40-17:5520µm Cross-Sectional High-Energy Synchrotron X-Ray-Microdiffraction on Nitrided, Carburized and Shot-Peened Steels Reveals Near-Surface Microstructure, Phase and Stress Gradients S. BodnerChair of Materials Physics, MU Leoben (AT) 17:55-18:10Stress and Microstructure Distributions across Scratch Track Cross-Sections in a CrN-Cr bilayer on Steel Revealed by 50nm XRDM. MeindlhumerCD-Laboratory for the Advanced Synthesis of Novel Multifunctional Coatings, MU Leoben (AT) 18:10-18:15Break18:15-18:30Hexagonal Si-Ge, characterization of a new crystalline phase realized in nanowire structures D. ZissInstitute of Semiconductor and Solid State Physic, JKU Linz (AT) invited talk18:30-19:00Synchrotron radiation is a powerful tool to study supercapacitor charging behaviourC. KoczwaraInstitute of Physics, MU Leoben (AT)

Dinner Break

Evening Session

Keynote Lecture

K. Hradil

Smart neutrons for in-situ und operando research in the field of batteries and high-temperature alloys

R. GillesFRM II, Munich (DE)21:00-

Posters & Drinks


We, 6th March


Morning Session

Grazing Incidence Techniques & X-ray Spectroscopy

H. PeterlikTutorial8:40-9:40

Grazing Incidence X-ray Scattering Techniques: Crystallisation of Molecules at Solid Surfaces R. Resel Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Graz (AT)



invited talk9:50-10:20

Diindenoperylene molecules on 2D MoS2 substrates with GIWAXS

N. Mrkyvkova  Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava (SK) 10:20-10:35The Conundrum of Organic Dye-Silica Hybrids: How Can Neutrons and Synchrotron Radiation Techniques Assist Us?H.M. MouraInstitute of Materials Chemistry, TU Wien (AT)10:35-10:45



 X-ray Spectroscopy - a tool for material testing

P. KregsamerAtominstitut, TU Wien (AT)LunchAfternoon BreakAfternoon Session


16:40-17:10Coffee & TeaChair:
R. Reselinvited talk17:10-17:40

Studying Drugs with Synchrotron Radiation

O. WerzerPharmacutical Sciences, Dept. Pharm. Technolog, KFU Graz (AT) 17:40-17:55In Situ GISAXS Investigation of PtNi Bimetallic Alloy under Operational Conditions of Fuel Cells.M. BogarCERIC-ERIC / TU Graz, Trieste (IT)17:55-18:10

Bio-Inspired Band Gap Engineering of Hybrid Perovskite MAPbBr3

A. LangTechnion, Haifa (IL)18:10-18:15Break18:15-18:30Studying Beam-induced Dynamics in Amorphous Ionic ConductorsK. HolzweberFaculty of Physics, Dynamics of Condensed Systems, Univ. Wien (AT)invited talk18:30-19:00Contrast variation in SAXS for Material Science Application S. HaasFS-PEX / DESY, Hamburg (DE)

Dinner Break

Evening Session

Keynote Lecture

J. Keckes20:00-21:00

Micro-/Nano-beam X-ray Diffraction & Scattering

M. BurghammerESRF, Grenoble (FR)


Thu, 7th March



Morning Session

 Extreme Conditions & Tomography

H. AmenitschTutorial8:40-9:40

 Extreme condition research using synchrotron radiation: Extended stability of carbon dioxide above 1 Mbar

R. MiletichInstitut für Mineralogie und Kristallographie, Univ. Wien (AT)9:40-9:50



Introduction to X-ray Tomography

J.W.C. Dunlop Chemistry and Physics of Materials, Univ. Salzburg  (AT)10:50-11:00


invited talk11:00-11:30X-ray Tomography on Biological Materials: Temperature- and Water Triggered Seed Release of Banksias
M. EderMPI for Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam (DE)11:30-11:45Determining the microstructural characteristics in paper based materials from X-ray Tomography E. Machado-Charry Institute of Solid State Physic, TU Graz (AT)


Afternoon BreakAfternoon Session

 Austrian Large Scale Research Activities

16:30-17:00Coffe & TeaChair:
E. JerichaAtominstitut, TU Wien (AT)
17:00-17:15Österreichs Beteiligungen an internationaler Großforschung H. Rauch ÖAW (AT)17:15-17:30ENSA - European Neutron Scattering AssociationH. Abele

Atominstitut, TU Wien (AT)

17:30-17:45ESUO - European Synchrotron User Organisation and LEAPSR.T. LechnerInstitute of Physics, MU Leoben (AT)17:45-19:00NESY Meeting

Dinner Break

Evening SessionChair:
O. ParisInstitute of Physics, MU Leoben (AT)20:00-21:00

Utilizing Synchrotron Radiation to Reveal the Structure-function Relation in Biogenic and Bioinspired Materials

B. PokroyTechnion Haifa (IL)21:00 - Posters & Drinks


Fr, 8th


Morning TutorialsNovel Techniques with Synchrotron Radiation & Neutrons
J.W.C. Dunlop8:40-9:40In-situ / Pump-probe Experiments at the Austrian SAXS beamline
H. AmenitschInstitute of Inorganic Chemistry,TU Graz @ ELETTRA, Triest (AT)9:40-9:50


9:50-10:50X-ray magnetic circular dichroism: basic principles and recent developments in time-resolved imaging A. NeySolid State Physics Division, JKU Linz (AT)10:50-11:00


11:00-12:00Physics with NeutronsH. AbeleAtominstitut, TU Wien (AT)12:00-12:30

Prizes & Closing

R.T. Lechner & O. ParisInstitute of Physics, MU Leoben (AT)